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Honda | Accord | Model: CL7/8 | EG Model: K20A | 2.0NA | (02-08) | FR-0507

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The GruppeM Honda Accord CL7 Intake is a carbon fiber ram air intake system designed to improve airflow across the entire RPM range while also reducing intake temperatures. The intake system comes with a proprietary filter element made exclusively for GruppeM by K&N. The carbon fiber weave used in the intake system is of the highest quality and is designed to fit perfectly with minimal installation difficulty. The GruppeM Honda Accord CL7 Intake is custom engineered for your vehicle. The intake system is designed to utilize the "ram air effect" which forces a greater volume of air into the engine and increases the density of the intake charge, resulting in a tremendous improvement in horsepower and torque throughout the entire powerband of the engine. 

Product introduction:

Manufacturer: GruppeM

Brand: M's

Product name: RAM AIR SYSTEM

Product number: FR-0507

Compatible models:

A car name: Honda Accord

Year: 2002-2008

Vehicle model: CL7 / CL8

Engine type: K20A

Displacement: 2.0 LITER

Grade/Specifications: NA

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