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Volkswagen Golf Touran 1.4 TSi RAM Intake Kit

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GOLF TOURAN  1.4 TSI (140ps/170ps) 1TBMY/1TBLG   07-09 BLG/BMY 1400 FRI-0195 ¥ 78,000
GOLF TOURAN  1.4 TSI (140ps/170ps) 1TCAV/1TCTH   09-16 CAV/CTH 1400 FRI-0195 ¥ 78,000
GOLF VARIANT  1.4 TSI (160ps/170ps) 1KBLG/1KCAV   07-09 BLG/CAV 1400 FRI-0195 ¥ 78,000


Arguably the best intake kits in the world, GruppeM RAM Air intakes are designed, tried, tested and all return a better than stock, and in most cases, a better than the competition performance result. Made primarily out of Carbon Fiber, housing a re-usable M's Power Filter by K&N, these provide great flow with great heat-shielding abilities that are only amplified through the RAM air intake setup. 

GruppeM kits will ship direct from Japan and are deliverable to most of the world. Please be aware, kits are every now and then, made to order and can attract a 20 day process time. But, trust me, for these kits its worth it.