R5 Racing Big Brake Kits

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*Contact us with your make, model, year and size of wheel for recommended fitment before purchase & other inquires.

R5 Racing Big Brake kits are designed and developed for all motoring enthusiasts wanting excellent stopping performance from their cars. 

High quality components are adopted to ensure product durability and stability. Each application is fully test fit and completely road tested to guarantee all our customers perfect performance and comfort.

Available for most manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and various Japanese makes.


Standard Features: 
– Customised painted or anodised colour calipers

– Forged billet aluminum calipers with anti-rust coating

– Two piece, Drilled or Slotted or Drilled & Slotted or Drilled Floating or Slotted Floating or Drilled & Slotted Floating rotors 

– Lightweight aluminum centre bells. Rigid steel centre bells are equipped for the rear rotors integrated with inner drums (inner drums are not available for some applications).

– High Performance Sport Compound Brake Pads (Competition Compound Brake Pads are optional for additional charge)

– CNC machined steel caliper mounting brackets

– High quality stainless steel braided Teflon brake lines

– Hardware tool bag


Disc Design:

– Drilled

– Slotted

– Drilled & Slotted

– Drilled Floating Disc (additional charge for this design)

– Slotted Floating Disc (additional charge for this design)

– Drilled & Slotted Floating Disc (additional charge for this design)

Available sizes:

6 PISTON 17” (330MM x 32MM ROTOR) 
                  18” (345MM x 32MM ROTOR) 
                  18” (356MM x 32MM ROTOR)

8 PISTON 19” (380MM x 34MM ROTOR)

8 PISTON 20” (405MM x 36MM ROTOR)

Rear Brake 
4 PISTON 15” (286MM x 22MM ROTOR) 
                  16” (304MM x 22MM ROTOR)

4 PISTON or 6 PISTON 17” (330MM x 28MM ROTOR) 
                                        18” (356MM x 28MM ROTOR)

6 PISTON 18” (356MM x 32MM ROTOR) 
                  19” (380MM x 32MM ROTOR)